Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is not just getting links, yet most SEO’s do only that. If you are lucky they may add a few keywords to your web site. I like to use the analogy of the fisherman with a fishing net. You have to do a lot more fishing if you have holes in your net. Getting quality links is not easy and can be expensive, but if you have your web site in good shape you don’t need so many links.

The Microsoft SEO Tool-kit

We use the Microsoft SEO Toolkit to scan sites for violations, the SEO Toolkit sees your site the same way Bing and Yahoo sees it, and would not be much different to how Google sees it also. Yet in the hundreds of sites I have scanned including most of the big SEO companies in Australia and overseas, I have yet to see a site come even close to being violation free. We give you a perfect score in the SEO toolkit.


Search engines have recently agreed on a schema that can be used to identify entities on the internet to search engines. The main component of the new schema is microdata, microdata can be used to identify entities on a web page, if you had a product displayed on the page and you have the name of that product, and description of that product and other information such as a image, you may also have a name of the organization that sells that product, how does the search engine know that the image is a product?. How does the search engine know that the name of the product is not the name of the organization or visa versa? Well now with microdata you can mark-up your data so that the data is linked, you can tell the search engine that the page contains a product and an organization and you can identify their name and description and image plus many other data fields.

Without a common schema a search engine has no idea that you are displaying a product, and has no idea what is linked to what. Very few sites are up to date with microdata those that are have an advantage.

Clean Code

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC gives developers some great advantages over other platforms when it comes to SEO, MVC is a very powerful technology, but when it comes to client code that renders in your browser, it is very lightweight, fast loading clean code. MVC also does not use filenames and gives you full control over the URL allowing for SEO friendly URL’s, along with fast loading pages and clean code there are three great advantages MCV gives you when it comes to SEO.

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