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Alan Mosley

Alan Mosley

Owner of ThatsIT Solutions

My name is Alan Mosley, I am the owner of ThatsIT Solutions, a Microsoft WebPro, a Microsoft partner and achieved equal first worldwide in the 2007 Microsoft Scripting Games.
I have been involved in web development since the internet came to Australia and I believe I have a good grasp of what works on the web and what does not. I build world class business applications here in Perth Western Australia.

When acquiring a website today there are two paths to take, an off the shelf solution or a bespoke website custom built for your needs. So what is the difference between the two? Well obviously cost, a bespoke website typically costs more and for that reason many will go for the off the shelf product, but look at it another way. If you are in business and you want to generate income from the internet, saving money of your web site may cost you more in lost sales.

Generating income online generally relies on getting people to your site and getting them to take some action, like ringing you, making a transaction, submitting or obtaining information. You need to rank in search engines and convert users to your end goal. The nature of the internet makes it very hard to keep customers on your site when others sites are just a click away, any frustration, lack of confidence, slow loading pages, cluttered or clunky interface experienced on your site will cost you sales. Ranking and then converting users to your end goal is what it is all about. Off the shelf products don’t do this well, they do not rank as well and have a lower conversion rate than custom built sites.

A bespoke web site can greatly enhance your sales, we try to get your customer to the end goal with the limited number of clicks, page loads and with the least amount of input from the user.

I believe you need to build a site with ranking and conversion in mind from scratch, you need to build a site that does what you need and no more, you need to make it simple to use free from frustration and distraction.

If you are in business or trying to start one, you need to think what you want from a website. When you need a custom-built bespoke website to fit your needs that will rank in Bing and Google and convert them to customers I believe you cannot beat the value offered by ThatsIT Solutions.

Alan Mosley
ThatsIT Solutions