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ThatsIT Solutions are Certified Microsoft Partners and ranked the #1 website professionals in Australia by the Microsoft Websitespark Program. As part of the Microsoft Websitespark Program our work is submitted and checked by Microsoft for correct use of Microsoft technologies. Something to consider when looking for an SEO Professional.

Getting your website technically perfect.

To make sure your site is optimized to make the most of every crawl by search engines we make sure your site is completely free from SEO violations. This is a step that I have never seen done by other SEO Companies, I have scanned hundreds of sites and are yet to find a website without a heap of SEO violations. We have the professional technical staff to give your site perfect SEO, scanning the sites of other SEO companies I am yet to see one that have been able to get their own sites violation free. This is not to say there aren't any, but i am yet to find one. We believe we have the best technical and professional SEO Perth has to offer.

Keywords to target.

We use many tools to find the keywords that will give you the best results. Calculating how many times the keyword is used within your business area, competition for that keyword and likelihood of getting to page one. We then fit this in with your budget to get the best results posible by using strategies linked to ROI to set out achievable goals

On page optimisation.

We think hard on this and use mathematical algorithms to test keyword placement for ranking ability while maintaining readability.

Search Engine Marketing.

We hire professional writers to write SEO friendly original content. Content that has SEO consideration behind it.

We use logic that finds not only your competitors backlinks, but their value in giving high ranking, if websites have links to your competitors then there is a probability that they will allow you the same advantage.

We protect your and our reputation online, this is becoming crucial. The wrong SEO Company can give you a bad online reputation. We can’t emphasize this enough Search Engines are concentrating more and more on reputation, who you link to and who links to you, who you share a server with, who you share an IP number or IP range with, what your linking patterns are and are you in a bad link neighborhood are all important factors.

Start by getting a SEO Report for only $250, if you decide to get ThatsIT Solutions to do your SEO we will take the cost of the report off the price.