SEO Reports
SEO Reports

Seo Reports

Find out whats holding you back.

Get a SEO Report before spending money

We will give you a report on your site and point out the violations thats stop you ranking in search engines like Bing and Google. We will even do a report on your current SEO's website to see if you are hiring the right people. By analyzing your website we can generate a report tailored to your industry or area of focus that will give you the intelligence needed to target your resources on the areas of concern.

We hate seeing people waste money on websites that don’t rank. We will tell you your chance of success, what options you may have and a rough idea of what they will cost.

The start to good SEO on your website is getting a good report on your competitors, your keywords and your website.

We will do an honest report not only on your site but your current SEO's site if you have one. If they do well we will tell you the truth. If they do badly and believe it or not, most SEO companies fail miserably, we will of cause tell you that also.

Contents of your Report

  • We list all your technical problems your site may have and explain how they affect you.
  • A comparison between you and the top listings for your chosen keywords.
  • A report on the quality and quantity of your back-links compared to your competitors.
  • We report upon your out-links for potential problems.
  • We will look at your current keyword placement and suggest improvements.
  • Also included in your report are internal link patterns and how link juice is distributed around your site.

Advice on how difficult it will be to get your listing to the top for your chosen keywords and what alternative keywords there may be with a better chance of getting you there.

We can even do a report of your existing or potential SEO company for you. Un-fortunately there are a lot of quick buck SEO's out there who are quick to take your money and play on your expectations but deliver very little, even worse there are many that rely on black hat SEO that will eventually get your site black listed.

Honest Advice

We will give you an honest report that means the truth be it good news or bad news. Remember there is not such thing as a pretty good effort in SEO, there is no use getting from page 100 to page 5, you need to get to page one. This may mean a new website or new domain name. The good news is we plan for affordable SEO, meaning you should get back more in income for your business than you put into your SEO.

We give you a report for as little as $250 and if you decide to go with ThatsIT Solutions we take the cost of your report off the bill. If you should go ahead with ThatsIT Solutions we continue with a monthly audit to track your progress of your KPI’s against a set of benchmarks. It’s not much to spend to get the information and the latest trends you need to make an informed choice and it can prevent you from being taken for a ride.