The <img> tag does not have an ALT attribute defined







The ALT attribute provides a description of the image. Search engines are unable to interpret image files, so the ALT attribute is used to provide relevant information about the image to the search engines. The ALT attribute is helpful to end users if their browsers do not display images or if the image does not load correctly. In addition, the ALT attribute is used by audio readers for the visually impaired. Text: <IMG src="pic.gif">


Add an 'alt' attribute to the <img> tag. For example: <img src='pic.gif' alt='accurate and descriptive keywords that represent the graphic'>.

These violations are from the Bing SEO Toolkit, and are the same violations that Bing finds when crawling the internet, it is a safe bet that Google would find much the same violations.

"exactly the same as the crawler of the search engine will see it"

Alessandro Catorcini , Lead Program Manager, Bing API

Date Recorded: 2011-10-02

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