The page contains multiple <h1> tags







An <h1> tag is an indicator of what the page content is about. Search engines diminish the value of a page that contains multiple <h1> tags. If a page overuses <h1> tags, that page could be determined to be a junk page and not be indexed. Number of instances found: n


Use only one <h1> tag per page. The text in the <h1> tag should include keywords that reflect the page content. The text in the <h1> tag should be between 25 and 150 characters long. Replace all the extra <h1> tags with less important header tags, such as <h2>, <h3>, and so on.

These violations are from the Bing SEO Toolkit, and are the same violations that Bing finds when crawling the internet, it is a safe bet that Google would find much the same violations.

"exactly the same as the crawler of the search engine will see it"

Alessandro Catorcini , Lead Program Manager, Bing API

Date Recorded: 2011-11-16

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