The title is too long







The length of the text in the <title> tag is too long. The title must not exceed 65 characters, including spaces. Most search engines will truncate the text in the <title> tag after a fixed number of characters.


Reduce the length of the text inside the <title> tag of the page. The title must be unique, descriptive, and accurate. The title must be between 5 and 65 characters long. The title should contain keywords that reflect the page content, and it should be easy to read.

These violations are from the Bing SEO Toolkit, and are the same violations that Bing finds when crawling the internet, it is a safe bet that Google would find much the same violations.

"exactly the same as the crawler of the search engine will see it"

Alessandro Catorcini , Lead Program Manager, Bing API

Date Recorded: 2011-11-15

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